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07 November 2014 @ 05:06 am
iKON drabble  
Title: Biased
Word Count: 350+
Genre: Gen, introspective
Rating: G
Pairing: None

Yang Hyun Suk thinks it's funny when people call Hanbin the next G-Dragon, because while the two match in certain styles the boy resembles Tablo more than anyone else in sheer lyrical ability.

At the same time, Tablo was influenced by older hip hop music, and had Mithra and Tukutz to help develop his song-writing to what it is today. Hyun Suk knows that the close presence of Bobby and Jinhwan has and will continue to drive Hanbin's songs in a completely different direction, and his blood jumps to see the outcome this concoction will bring in the future.

Only Hyun Suk knows that he's not raising another G-Dragon. He never planned to, although he will admit that the first time Hanbin rapped in front of him he was taken back to the day when Jiyong, chubby-cheeked and bursting with nervous energy at 13 years, gave him a few lines of rhyme that basically collapsed down to the message of I am the best, so bow before my light-up sneakers. It made him laugh back then--not from derision, but from joy at seeing another, younger individual so passionate about the music that he loves so much.

Seeing his love for music in the children is what prompted his decision to take them under his wing. It shines in Chanhyuk's eyes when Soohyun croons another of his songs, and thrums through Hayi's whole body when she's belting an old classic. They all love music in their own ways, the boys included. Mino from his days dominating the young underground scene, Taehyun from growing up surrounded by classical works, Bobby from pure devotion to American hip hop. But it's in Hanbin that Hyun Suk sees this love shine the brightest among any of the young artists in his company.

He's biased, he knows, but Hyun Suk can't help it. Faced with something so rare and brilliant in such a young soul--who wouldn't feel protective? He will raise Hanbin as he did Jiyong, pushing and squeezing mercilessly until all that potential comes flowing out. He can't afford to be easy now, even with one successful group under his belt and another two on the way.

He is raising a B.I. The world is not ready.