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14 January 2015 @ 09:24 pm
A Heavenly Gift 1/2  
Title: A Heavenly Gift
Pairing: Kaisoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: humor, angels/demons AU
Word Count: 10K
Summary: Kyungsoo, Heaven's grumpiest angel, is presented to Kai, delinquent prince of the Underworld, as his 2012th birthday present.
AN: For prompter xochanxo. Sorry I was dumb and missed the 3daysofkaisoo deadline. ; ;
AN2: Btw, if anyone is wondering why the characters are using Korean honorifics, it's because I'm a potato that can't stop using them even in my imagination. Just pretend they're Korean angels and demons. T^T

Kyungsoo doesn't even like Earth.

Seriously, the whole place is too wet and crowded and dirty, and why in God's name does there need to be a change in temperature every time you step two feet in any direction? If humans had any sense at all they would focus on their climate control first, rather than squabbling over petty matters like who should marry whom.

Unfortunately for him, all angels have to serve a mandatory 21 months Earthside so that they're better prepared to guard the gates between their realms.

That's 21 months. Every. CENTURY.

He would honestly rather spend the next decade on choir duty with the newly winged, teaching the tone deaf monsters how to sing basic keys, than do his Earthside service. It's just that bad.

Archangel Ryeowook doesn't even pretend to be sympathetic. He sends Kyungsoo off with a smile and a handful of cloud mist.

"Bye, Kyungsoo! Have a good service! Don't forget to avoid that one country I told you about, they're having a bad year!" Ryeowook yells right before the golden gates clang shut.

"Which one, hyung? Hyung?" Kyungsoo calls, but the gate's spell holds true and his words just echo back at him. Grimly, Kyungsoo turns and makes the long, slow descent down to Earth, his wings spread wide to catch the current.

Kyungsoo lands in a pretty warm location this time around, although it's a bit too dry and dusty for his taste. Also, the animals are ridiculously tall. Obviously God's design has gone wrong in this place. The natives call the tall things 'giraffes', but Kyungsoo just likes to call them rude.

"You hear me? I said rude," Kyungsoo tells the creature, which first blinks at him and then leans down to nibble on his wings on top of the shrubbery it already has in its mouth.

Kyungsoo bats the giant thing away. "Rude," the angel scolds again as he straightens his robes fastidiously.

Like all the other angels, Kyungsoo has his own favorite perch for spending the length of his service. Chanyeol likes humid areas where he doesn't need to wear a shirt and can sit around banging drums in the sun all day, whereas Luhan likes places where the human history runs so deep into the Earth that they've practically molded the landscape around themselves.

Kyungsoo's not picky. He would just like a place with reasonable weather and humans that mind their own business. It would also help if they weren't ridiculously tall.

So, of course, Kyungsoo's favorite place to go while Earthside is South Korea.

He mills around, enjoying the refreshing spring bite of the currents above Korea's lovely countryside, uncluttered by the smog of its main cities. He spends half a day just drifting and terrorizing the local birds before he decides to fly down and do something productive.

Kyungsoo realized very quickly in the beginning of his Earthside services that uniformed students appear to be the most privileged of all human beings, but are, in fact, not. Apparently youth is a tricky issue where it is both coveted and punished among humans.

Kyungsoo learned his lesson when he spent his entire first service on Earth running for his life from crazy humans that wanted to stick him in families and schools, and for some odd reason, feed him candy.

Since he dislikes using glamour spells and his face looks too young for anything else, Kyungsoo prefers to act as a young college student. College status allows him access to the simplest jobs to fill his work quota, now a requirement as of two centuries ago.

The quota came about when Archangel Suho realized that humans cared very much about their 'money', and decided then and there that all Earthside angels would have to be employed so they could give their earnings to humans in severe poverty.

Suho calls this progressive thinking. Kyungsoo calls it slave labor.

Coffee shop jobs are overrated, but Kyungsoo tries his hand at a couple places because apparently this century is all about caffeine. He sees the green logo of one particular coffee shop brand pasted across every other corner in the city.

Kyungsoo does some research into this chain because he's positive that there's demonic influence behind its cult-like following, but he comes up with nothing but a reputation for loitering and asking inappropriate questions across all the Starbucks shops in the city. When they start to recognize him the moment he walks in, Kyungsoo makes it a point to avoid the chain before they lock him up for God knows what reason and discover his angel identity.

Kyungsoo is a bit paranoid, but the irrationality of humans cannot be underestimated. In some of their most advanced countries they throw darker-skinned humans into prison just because they can. Insanity.

Forgoing coffee shops, Kyungsoo finds similar work in bars, where the clientele is somewhat less impatient and bossy, but more drunk―and thus easier to deal with in general. There is a disturbing amount of sin though, and as always, Kyungsoo spends the first week of his service scandalized out of his mind before he becomes desensitized to the utter sinful wretchedness that is the human race.

Then one night, the demons appear.

Kyungsoo's surprised he hasn't seen any sooner. Considering how gluttonous, vain and greedy the city of Seoul is, there should be demons littering every block. But then again, maybe the humans are so far gone on their own that they don't need any further incitement.

Kyungsoo is seriously wondering if sin can be a genetic factor in the Korean race when one of the demons appears in front of him.

He has hair like pitch, spiked up into points that could take an eye out, and a gaze lined in kohl. Paradoxically, he's formally dressed in a slim black suit to match the other demons'.

If Kyungsoo didn't already hate demons on principle, he would hate them for always looking like fashion models. Angels usually flap around like winged hobos, though in their defense, humans evolve so quickly that it's difficult to keep up with their ever changing styles.

"Three of these," the demon orders, pointing at the pictures on the menu.

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow at how strong the drinks are for this time of day, but quietly gets out the glasses while the demon watches.

"Looks like the dinner crowd hasn't hit yet," the demon remarks, looking around.

"No," replies Kyungsoo as he pours the liquor.

The demon looks unperturbed by his short attitude. "Bored?" the demon asks. "You should come drink with us!" He waves over at his table, where the pale-haired one is dully gazing at the corner television and the blank-faced one is looking pointedly in their direction and mouthing something that looks a lot like HURRY UP ZITAO.

"Err, no, thank you," Kyungsoo says after a beat.

"My friend's having a bad day," the demon explains. "We brought him out for drinks so he doesn't burn down a building or something."

Dear Lord in Heaven, thinks Kyungsoo.

"Still...no, thank you. I need to stay behind the bar," Kyungsoo says as he slides over the tray of finished drinks.

"Fine," the demon says, looking more than a little disappointed. He's got glittery, dangerous-looking metal spikes lining each ear in a way that could be a new demon fashion statement or a new way to weaponize the corporeal form. Knowing demons though, it's probably both.

Just in case they try to burn down this building, Kyungsoo keeps his eye on the trio as they finish tray after tray of drinks, staying stubbornly sober, until the bar fills up and their table gets swallowed up in the night crowd as the bar truly awakens.

Kyungsoo forgets about them in the rush, so he's surprised when sometime a few hours later, one of the demons appears in front of him again.

It's the bored-looking one with platinum blond hair that keeps falling into his eyes, and despite the fact that he's a demon, Kyungsoo has to restrain the urge to push the strands out of his face.

"More...of whatever the hell this is," the blond demon orders as he pushes his empty scotch glass at Kyungsoo while he's pouring simple syrup into another glass.

"Just a second," Kyungsoo says as he quickly finishes the drink he's working on. Kyungsoo pushes the empty glass into one of their newbie tenders' hands.

"Scotch here! On the rocks."

He starts working on an order of margaritas when he realizes the demon hasn't moved an inch from his spot at the bar. Even when he gets his scotch from the nervous newbie, he lingers, watching Kyungsoo over the rim of his glass.

"Yes?" Kyungsoo asks, a little irritated at being watched so closely. "Did you want anything else?"

"Maybe another drink after I'm done with this one," the demon replies, and there's just a hint of a smile around the edges of his lips, like he's pleased to be an annoyance to Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo frowns as he tries to ignore him, even though he's standing right in middle of the busiest part of their bar and blocking other customers from ordering.

Eventually, Kyungsoo gets fed up with trying to work orders around him. "Why don't you finish your drink at your table?" Kyungsoo's tone is too curt to be polite.

It doesn't help that the demon has a tendency to stare.

"I thought I'd make some small talk with you instead," the demon says with mischievous eyes. Then he takes a sip of his drink, and with his head lowered his eyes flick up accusingly. "Don't you angels love small talk?"

Kyungsoo scoffs. "Now you notice. I was wondering why your trio of fledglings was taking so long."

The demon shrugs. "I was preoccupied, but I caught on soon enough. To be honest, you're the first angel to ever serve me alcohol. I thought you stick-in-the-muds would be more...fussy about that."

"We can drink too," Kyungsoo says primly. "It's not a sin to drink spirits." He cuts up some limes to top off the margaritas, ever aware of the dark demonic gaze on his hands as they work.

"It's just―"

"A sin to drink too much," the demon finishes smoothly. "I know." Then as if to make a point, the demon throws his head back and downs the remaining bit of his scotch. The glass is slammed back down on the counter.

"And since I am a sinner, give me more. Please," the demon says with a winning smile.

Kyungsoo looks like he'd like to refuse, but then the demon waves an obsidian card in front of his face. Kyungsoo grudgingly pours him another.

"Don't you have souls you should be out damning right now?" Kyungsoo asks in aggravation. The blond demon has magicked up a barstool when no one was looking, and settled in while orders pour in from around him.

"I'm bored." The demon traces the rim of his glass with his finger. "You're only the second angel I've found. And you're cute. I'd rather talk to you than to these oblivious humans. Besides, have you even seen them?"

The demon points a thumb over his shoulder at the writhing mass behind him. "They hardly need any help damning themselves. I never have to lift a finger in this city to corrupt any souls," the demon says, almost morosely, as he stares into his glass.

Kyungsoo, inwardly reeling at being called cute by a demon, and apparently a depressed one at that, just grunts something incomprehensible and busies himself with making drinks. Even without his input, the demon seems content to drink at his barside, and he steadily finishes glass after glass in silence.

An hour later the demon has his head lowered over the bar counter, his blond hair dipping into his drink. Kyungsoo is quietly panicking over having to deal with a drunk demon when his companions finally appear at his side.

"Thank Heavens," Kyungsoo mutters.

"Sehun, look, ishn't he cute?" the blond demon slurs as Sehun, the blank-faced demon, and the first demon with the piercings exchange long-suffering looks over his head. They each take an arm, and with the synchronization of practice, haul the blond one to his feet.

"He's cuuute ishn't he?" the blond insists.

"Yeah, yeah, cute," Sehun says, right before he turns to Kyungsoo and blinks. "Huh." He looks Kyungsoo down to his waist and back up to the tips of his neat black hair with new eyes.

"That's eleven thousand won for the last two glasses your friend had," Kyungsoo says a little testily, sick of being stared at by demons. He doesn't remember them having such a habit the last century he was on Earth.

"Right," Sehun says absently as he hands over an identical obsidian card to match his friend's. He looks like he wants to say something else, but he visibly bites his tongue, and gives Kyungsoo a nod before helping the other demon take the drunk blond one out of the bar.

After they leave, the rest of Kyungsoo's shift goes smoothly. Since it's Sunday night, the bar closes down a couple hours earlier than usual, and Kyungsoo helps lock up.

As he walks out the back door, he wonders how he'll celebrate the Lord's day. He's cheerfully considering singing a couple extra songs in the Lord's name before dinner or running downtown to bless some of the homeless when the black wall of netting comes flying out of the shadows to engulf him.

Kyungsoo shrieks and tries to fly away. "What in God's name?!"

The netting quickly covers him, and it's so heavy that Kyungsoo gets knocked to the ground like a fly being swatted out of the air. He struggles with the ropes, gasping for breath through the holes as the netting presses hard across his chest. There's some force driving it; this is no man-made net. It has a demonic stink all over it.

"Zitao, you forgot to spell him asleep," says Sehun as he materializes from the shadows. He frowns distastefully down at the netted angel. Before Kyungsoo can wheeze a spell at him, he snaps his fingers and Kyungsoo immediately feels sleepy.

"Whoops, my bad," Kyungsoo hears right before the shadows overcome him.


When Kyungsoo comes to, he's apparently back in Heaven because he wakes up on a bed of clouds.


Kyungsoo is so horrified that he can't muster any words and just sputters incoherently as he flails around looking for his clothes. The plush cloud he thought he was sleeping on reveals itself to be a huge mattress with sheets that feel like liquid silk against his unfortunately bare skin.

Feeling much too exposed, Kyungsoo scrambles under the sheets to hide. That's when he finds out he's not alone.

Worse, as Kyungsoo stares at the sleeping face with growing dread, he recognizes his bedmate as the blond demon from the bar. Now that he's asleep, his corporeal form has materialized his demonic horns into two small curved points on either side of his blond head, black wings layered over his smooth back.

Kyungsoo very carefully moves backward, but he only gets one foot out of the bed before the demon croaks, "What are you doing?"

Kyungsoo jumps. "Heavens, you scared me!"

The blond demon hasn't moved an inch, just opened a single dark eye that blearily observes Kyungsoo. It blinks once, slowly.

"What is an angel doing in my bed...naked?" The demon looks just as perturbed as Kyungsoo does by his nakedness, until his gaze zeroes in on something near Kyungsoo's head with laser-like sharpness.

Kyungsoo is stuttering, "I have no idea! I just woke up here!" as the demon gets up on his elbows, reaches over and plucks something from Kyungsoo's head, momentarily quieting him.

It's a square, yellow piece of paper the size of his palm, with dark squiggles covering one side. Kyungsoo gapes at it before feeling around his hair for any more pieces of paper he might have missed.

The blond demon reads the paper and hums in soft understanding. His eyes when he looks back up are intrigued, and Kyungsoo instinctively leans back at the expression.

"Yes?" Kyungsoo says warily. "Why are you looking at me like that? You know what, what am I saying? I'm naked in a bed with a demon, I should be getting out of here." Kyungsoo tries to make another break for it.

To his shock, the blond demon grabs his ankle before he can get completely off the bed and yanks him back on it foot-first.

"What are you―let go of me!" Kyungsoo yelps as he kicks off the demon's grip. Instead, the demon hooks him with an arm around his waist and bodily rolls him onto his back. Before Kyungsoo can squirm away, the demon has both his wrists pinned to the bed. The demon then nonchalantly throws a leg over him to straddle him from above, and the extra weight makes Kyungsoo gasp.

"Unhand me!" Kyungsoo demands furiously.

"No," says the demon as he runs his eyes slowly over Kyungsoo's features, ending with a long look at the white wings spread out and flapping weakly underneath him.

"You're my present, did you know that? Sehun got you for my 2012th birthday. I guess he thought he'd go a little more exotic this year," the demon muses as he carefully fingers one of Kyungsoo's feathers with one of the hands holding his wrists.

Kyungsoo looks appalled. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm no one's present! I am an angel of the Lord of all creation!"

"Yeah, no." The demon gives him an unimpressed look. "You're mine now. See, look at the note." The demon holds both Kyungsoo's wrists in one tight hand as he fetches the wayward paper with his other.

The paper says in old Angelic script a word that Kyungsoo can't read and then a word that means something like 'ceremonial present'.

"It says 'Jongin's birthday present', and therefore, you are my birthday present, angel," the blonde demon says matter-of-factly, waving the paper in front of him tauntingly.

Kyungsoo squints in disbelief. "Ridiculous. You can't even read it! Who uses script that old?"

The demon looks at the paper and back at him. "This is common Demonic script. What are you talking about?"

Well this is the most unorthodox way to find out that demons use an outdated script for their writing, thinks Kyungsoo.

Instead of arguing the point further, Kyungsoo takes the demon's unguarded moment to knock him aside with a swipe of his wing. The demon falls back on his arms, relieving enough of the weight on the angel for him to squirm free and dive off the bed.

Kyungsoo lunges at the door, scrabbling at the doorknob, when the demon tackles him from behind. He pushes Kyungsoo flat against the hard wood, and Kyungsoo frantically tries to throw him off before he remembers that he's buck naked. He gasps when the heat of the demon's bare chest presses into his back. Goosebumps pop up all over his skin.

The demon is tall too. Kyungsoo shudders as he breathes down on Kyungsoo's hair, and then pushes his nose through it.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Kyungsoo stutters as the demon sucks in a breath through his nose.

"Scenting you." The demon sounds content. "You smell good, angel." He takes another breath. Below, his hands slowly smooth over Kyungsoo's naked hips, making him tremble as they creep slowly over his stomach.

"D-don't touch me," Kyungsoo says, trying to sound brusque. "Get your hands off me, demon!" He tries to push his hands away, only for the demon to grip him harder, pulling him tight against his chest. A chin is hooked over Kyungsoo's shoulder as the angel weakly tries to struggle away.

The demon is much stronger than he looks, Kyungsoo realizes with dismay.

"Call me Jongin," the demon says cheerily. "What's your name? I can't keep calling you angel, or present, even if you are both." Jongin's tone turns sly.

"Kyungsoo," the angel allows grudgingly. "The name's Kyungsoo. Now will you please let me go?"

"Not yet." Jongin sighs into Kyungsoo's shoulder, eliciting another shudder. Kyungsoo is starting to feel warm all over. "I'm enjoying my present."

"You can't gift angels," Kyungsoo growls. "I'm not your present."

"Apparently you can." Jongin squeezes, pulling an squeak out of the angel. "After all, you're mine. With a pretty bow and all."

Kyungsoo startles. "What?"

Jongin smirks widely into Kyungsoo's shoulder. "It's painted on your back."

Kyungsoo groans. "This is a disgrace," he laments.


Kyungsoo refuses to do anything unless he gets some clothes, and Jongin refuses to give him anything until he gets a kiss, so Kyungsoo, trying very hard not to think about the fact that this is a demon before him, reaches up, takes ahold of his blond head and smashes a quick kiss on his lips.

Jongin looks disgruntled when he opens his eyes. "Okay, maybe I need to show you the way demons kiss, because that was not a kiss. This―"

Jongin reels Kyungsoo in and roughly catches his mouth. "―is a kiss," Jongin finishes when they break apart, and he licks his lips like he's savoring the taste of him.

Kyungsoo looks up at him dazedly, lips bruised open and slick.

Jongin's lips curve up. "I think we'll get along just fine, Kyungsoo," the demon says.

The angel narrows his eyes. "First off, you're going to call me hyung. I'm almost three centuries older than you, brat." Kyungsoo pokes a finger in his chest.

Jongin looks baffled before he grins and agrees, "Alright, hyung then. What's second?" The demon spreads his hands challengingly.

"Second, I'm still not your present. You cannot gift angels," Kyungsoo declares, folding his arms.

He knows he doesn't make anything close to a threatening figure. He has large cheeks that he wasn't able to get rid of in corporeal form and he's a full head shorter than the demon, but Kyungsoo does his best to slant his eyebrows as sternly as he can and hold his ground.

Jongin looks at him for a long moment before saying, "Nope, I disagree. You're my angel now. Hyung." Then he picks Kyungsoo up, throws him over his shoulder and flies him away kicking and screaming.

"Unhand me right now! Right now, you hear me, demon?! Right now!"

"Hyung, I thought I told you to call me Jongin!"


Kyungsoo spends most of his time trying to break out of the little Earthside apartment the demon has trapped him in, but the seals on it are some of the strongest Kyungsoo has ever encountered, Angelic or Demonic. No matter how he tries he can't get through them, and try, he most definitely does.

"You're going to break the lights, hyung," Jongin comments as Kyungsoo tries to fly through the open roof window for the fiftieth time. As always, he hits the seal barrier and all the ceiling lights buzz and flicker in unison, very much the way a bug zapper does when a mosquito flies into it.

Kyungsoo bats his wings irritably as he settles down on the couch. "You can't just keep me caged here like a pet bird," Kyungsoo snaps.

Jongin pouts at him through the blond strands that hang in his eyes and make Kyungsoo's fingers itch to remove them. "I don't understand, don't you like me?"

"It's not a question about liking or disliking!" Kyungsoo says. "I'm an angel, and you're a demon. We cannot own one another."

"But...you're my present," Jongin says.

"Oh Lord in Heaven, it's like talking to a wall." Kyungsoo lets out a heavy sigh. Giving up, he reaches over and finally pushes those blond strands out of the way.

Something in Jongin's face changes and softens as Kyungsoo carefully tucks them behind his ear.

Kyungsoo glances up. "What," he says just as Jongin kisses him, one hand clasped behind his neck to pull him in.

Kyungsoo's wings quiver as they break apart and his eyes are twice their size. "What was that for?" Kyungsoo asks as he holds his hand over his mouth.

"No reason," Jongin replies, watching Kyungsoo pleasantly.

Kyungsoo gives him a doubtful look and scoots further down the couch to ward off any future kiss attacks. Unfortunately, he sees a lot in his future.


Somewhere along the line, Kyungsoo finds out that Sehun and Zitao are not, as he first suspected, simply Jongin's fellow demon comrades, but his bodyguards and best friends from childhood. Kyungsoo wants to ask why in Heaven Jongin would require bodyguards, but he's more preoccupied with trying to catch Zitao so he can slap him silly.

"I thought the bow looked pretty!" Zitao giggles hysterically as he flies out of Kyungsoo's reach. He's supposedly older than Sehun and Jongin, but he's got the maturity of a demon centuries younger.

"Don't make me come up there," Kyungsoo threatens as he watches Zitao flit above his head.

He's seething over the discovery that Zitao was the one to paint the big red bow on his back after he and Sehun stripped Kyungsoo naked and left him snoozing beside Jongin on the bed.

"Get down here, demon!"

"No, I don't want to become angel food cake!" Zitao shouts back, perched atop of one of Jongin's bookcases.

Sehun snorts disdainfully. "As if the angel can do anything to hurt you. Look at him, he's half your size."

Jongin winces. "Ahh, I wouldn't say that," Jongin warns just as Kyungsoo grinds his heel into Sehun's foot.

"OW!" Sehun's dark wings burst out behind him and he jumps into the air on reflex, holding his toe. "That hurt." Sehun scowls.

Kyungsoo scowls right back at him. "Maybe you should think twice the next time you comment on someone's size," Kyungsoo says.

"I thought angels weren't supposed to hurt people," Sehun retorts.

"As if you count as 'people'," Kyungsoo replies, making Jongin and Zitao laugh aloud.

"You are definitely the strangest angel I've ever met," Zitao remarks as he jumps down off the bookcase.

Kyungsoo squints at him. "And how many angels have you met?"

"Uhh, two now," Zitao says, holding up two fingers in a V sign.

"I'm flattered," says Kyungsoo dully.

Sehun squints at him. "He's right though. You are kind of strange, more like a demon than an angel." Sehun sends Kyungsoo suspicious glances. The demon is still unsettled over finding out that the little human bartender he picked up for Jongin was an angel, a fact that both he and Zitao missed when they met him at the bar.

Kyungsoo doesn't know how, since he's too lazy to use anything but the simplest glamour on his wings. His only working explanation is that the demons are a few centuries younger than him and so, inexperienced with things like noticing Heavenly auras.

Neither Sehun nor Zitao are as dark as Jongin, who apparently can't get rid of his naturally tan skin even in his manifested state, but they're just as tall. When they stand together as a trio in Jongin's small kitchen they make a striking picture.

Kyungsoo can just see them growing up together as three young demons, with knobbly knees and molting wings and tiny stubs of horns just barely filling in.

Later, after Sehun and Zitao leave, Kyungsoo asks why Jongin even needs bodyguards.

The demon shrugs. "My father thought I needed more protection. Minions I could actually trust."

"Minions?" Kyungsoo repeats in distaste, before he realizes, "Father?" He looks at Jongin with wide eyes. "But you're...a demon. Your kind and mine don't have parents."

"Father, Lord of Hell, likes to be called Father, because he created me," Jongin says. "And I was his first creation, so...."

"First creation? Wait, wait, wait." Kyungsoo holds up his hands, overwhelmed. He's starting to piece together Jongin's actual role in Hell and he's not liking the result his mind is coming up with. "Don't tell me...your 'Father'...is the First Fallen?"

"Somehow I know those words are capitalized," Jongin says.

"You're the demon prince of Hell?" Kyungsoo looks like he's about to have a fit, short fast breaths pushing out of his mouth.

Jongin blinks and tilts his head. "Is that a problem?"

"Good grief." Kyungsoo's head falls into his hands. "I've been angel-napped by the prince of the Underworld." The revelation makes him drop into his chair with a thump.

"What have I ever done to deserve this?" Kyungsoo looks skyward before he starts knocking his head against the dining table.

Jongin looks on incredulously. "Now you're just being melodramatic." He holds his chin in his palm as he watches Kyungsoo with half-masted eyes. "If it makes you feel better, I'm not exactly next in line for the throne. My brother Taemin is, because he's the favorite." Jongin wrinkles his nose a little. "He was always such a suck-up."

Kyungsoo rubs at his forehead as he tries to push his sudden headache away. "Still, I'm sitting with the Fallen Angel Lucifer's first creation. This whole situation shouldn't be possible."

Jongin, smirking, reaches for Kyungsoo and pulls him in across the table for a kiss, nibbling a little on his lower lip so Kyungsoo's mouth drops open with a gasp.

"Then you, hyung, are a miracle," Jongin tells him without an ounce of shame, and Kyungsoo's mouth closes with a snap.

"Shameless," Kyungsoo mutters as he pushes Jongin's face away.

Kyungsoo finds that he is quickly developing a habit of reacting to Jongin's heavily physical affections with restrained violence, and he highly doubts this is a good habit for an angel to have.

Jongin tells him he's overthinking it.